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Message par Sun Trip - officiel le 2017-10-06, 21:24

Dear Sun Trip 2018 adventurers,

We believe it important to give you a little bit of information and guidelines regarding Social Media communications about your Sun Trip participation, especially for Facebook. Note that the spirit of this policy can be applied to other Social Networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ).

Social media communication is a big part of this project’s success, therefore we want to clarify our structure and objectives.

Should you decide not to follow these guidelines, you won’t get excluded from the Sun Trip, but it will be tricky for us to showcase your participation.

Option 1: using your personal account

If your are participating as an individual and are no social media expert or if, on the contrary,, you already have a wide audience, we invite you to use your personal account for social media communications.

In this case, we would only like to ask you to:

Make sure that your Sun Trip related posts are in “Public” mode, so that we are able to share them.
Give our fans the possibility to “Follow” your profile even if they are not your “Friends”. This can be done via your account settings. Your followers will see your Public posts in their Feed.

In the menu : Setting > Public Posts > Who Can Follow Me : Public

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Replace your profile picture by your Official Sun Trip 2018 Photo Badge provided. This standardized photo badge will identify you clearly as a Sun Trip 2018 Participant and give credibility to the Sun Trip. We will provide you with it at the beginning of year 2018 and it will integrate the partner logo for the Official Teams.

Option 2: you already have a page or wish to create one

We encourage you to use Pages to communicate as it standardizes and strengthens our digital communications. For things to roll out smoothly, we ask you to follow these few guidelines:

Page Main Photo: use the official Sun Trip 2018 Photo Badge provided (as explained earlier).
Page Name: please name or rename your page following the appropriate structure below:
Individual participant: your name + SunTrip2018.
Example : “Marc Dunand - SunTrip2018”.
Official Team participant: Team + partner + name + SunTrip2018. Example “Team EDF - Marc Dunand - SunTrip2018”.
Participation with a technical partner: name + partner + SunTrip2018.
Example : “Marc Dunand, with Sun Power - SunTrip2018”
Participation for a cause : name + cause + SunTrip2018.
Example “Marc Dunand, for the Red Cross - SunTrip2018”.

Do not include in your page name a partner that is neither an Official Team partner nor a technical partner. Naturally, your private sponsors can be included in your Facebook Page’s cover photo.
It is possible to modify the name of an existing page. It might take a few days as Facebook manually validates these requests. To change that name, go to your page with an administrator account and click on About in the left-side menu. Then, click Edit next to the page Name.
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Option 3: We can create a Facebook Page on your behalf

Should you be confused after all these explanations, you can leave it for us to create a Facebook Page consistent with our guidelines and then hand the administrator rights to you.

On that page, you will be able to share solely your Sun Trip news, without posting information of a private nature.

You will also have a possibility to share your adventure through an official Blog space on our website. More informations will come towards the end of the year regarding that space.
Sun Trip - officiel
Sun Trip - officiel

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