Victron controller

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Victron controller

Message par Victron controller le 2018-01-28, 16:08

Hi Michael,

I like to give you the information which controller I will use: This is the Victron blue solare MPPT 15/75. It is able to support 12V and 24V  batterie. I am using charge pump from China for about 12 Euro to transfer the energie from the solar batterie with 25,9V to the main batterie of 36V. The loses of the charge pump is about 5%. But this should be at Genasun the same because they do have a charge pump in the controller already. Otherwise they could not support higher batterie voltage than incoming voltage from the panel. I do have a cheap source here in Germany.

Can you send me the information which controller you will use?

My contact email:

Best regards Juergen

Victron controller

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