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Message par Going together le 2018-02-01, 08:15


I am looking for people which like to go with me strong parts of the suntrip in a small group. I am not fighting for wining this race. I am fighting against the 100 days limit. The target per day is 160 to 180 km/day. I am using 450Wp on a camping race trailer with a trike as bike. Only the 250W Bafang Chainmotor inside. So it is not to be fast runing the mountain. The issue is runing constant 30km/h over long time at the day. I am 56 years old and good in english with home in Germany. I am coming from the electronic side and be able to repair a lot also with metall or composit. Welding I am able to do for example. It is not a must to go all the way together. Also we can split at once if there is any internal problem.

Best regards Jürgen

Going together

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