place for a "pitstop" in West- Oekraine

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place for a "pitstop" in West- Oekraine

Message par Dirk Huyghe le 2018-02-01, 11:25


just to inform you all that a kindly person (Illia Kalynchuk)  that I met on my first Sun Trip 2013 (and also other participants!) and who is living now in West Oekrain would be enthousiast to give the participants who are driving via West Oekrain a welcome "pitstop" !!

a copy/paste of a part of the text he wrote to me in Facebook :

Illia Kalynchuk : Yes, It's a good idea!
By the way, I'm in Uzhgorod now (the most western part of Ukraine). If you, or somebody else will need a pitstop, You are welcome!
I'll be glad to meet and help!
Dirk Huyghe
Dirk Huyghe

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Re: place for a "pitstop" in West- Oekraine

Message par Thomas Pollet le 2018-02-01, 22:25

Thomas (Sun Trip Team)
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Thomas Pollet
Thomas Pollet

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