Info about BSS0x Motor

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Info about BSS0x Motor

Message par schneller66 le 2018-03-20, 12:14


I got here in the German Pedelecforum a lot of information about the Bafan BSS0x motor. My plan was to use the BSS01 as motor for Sun Trip. But it is looking that no one was abel to drive this motor over 20 000km without defekt. The reason is looking like that the tolerances of the production are very huge. In case of worse tolerance some time the ballbearings in this motor went defect after only 700km. A lot in the range of 3000 to 4000 km only. The major understanding in the German Pedelec forum is: Better switch to direct drive hubmotor.

I am in the moment in the decision phase. If I decide to use the BSS01 I will take a lot of spareparts with me. Maybe a second motor. For all who like to take this motor please try to figure out so much as possible information about repair before the start or take into consideration to switch to hub motor.

Best regards Jürgen who was really pissed when I got this information about the BSS01...


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Re: Info about BSS0x Motor

Message par Guillaume Devot le 2018-03-22, 13:57

BBS01/02 is good motor but in my opinion not for sun trip's 13000km , lot of ball bearing , 2 freewheel ,and proprietary electronic ... but if you want to switch to DD motor be carreful to take good controler and motor with internal temp sensor ( perhaps the most important ) to control temp with CA V3 .....

Guillaume (sun trip team )
Guillaume Devot
Guillaume Devot

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