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Frankfurt-Lyon / First information

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Frankfurt-Lyon / First information Empty Frankfurt-Lyon / First information

Message par Sun Trip - officiel le 2019-12-05, 14:47


You are interested by Frankfurt-Lyon Prologue, thanks very much Smile

It's gone be great mixed of SunTrippers 2020, former SunTrippers and Sun Trip's fans.

We will communicated laler, but just for your find here some new information :

- Departure in Frankfurt : May 23
- Arrival of main group in Lyon : May 29 mid-day (and not 28). We will arrive the all group together in city center.
- We should make a stop in Bern (May26/27) to catch up the swiss teams + press conference. We will work on that with Benno.
- About 120/130 per day.
- You can use solar bike or ebike.
- We will maybe have a huge solar trailer to charge to ebikes during the night. We work on that idea with a French company.
- Food : your expense (except in Frankfurt, Lyon and maybe Bern)
- SunTrippers 2020 can join the Lyon base Camp as fast as they want. Any it's good if they stay with the group few days.

- Fees : 280 euros without transportation / 380 euros with train ticket Frankfurt-Lyon or Lyon-Frankfurt (+bike, except huge trike and extralarge bike).
- Supported services : 8 nights (camping or hostel) + prologue official jersey + goodies + assistance car services (in case of emergency).

- Free for SunTrippers 2020.

More information later. We are working on the route and different stage accommodation.
Thank you for your patience
Sun Trip - officiel
Sun Trip - officiel

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