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Message par Introduction of Juergen le 2018-01-28, 12:38


I am Juergen from Germany near Darmstadt. I attend yesterday at the meeting at Belgium. Ralf did the meeting.

I am under tought decission in the moment to attend the suntrip. Decission will be done in the next weeks final.

My goal would be to reach Kanton in the limit of 100 days. Also I would like to build a small group of participants to travel together. May be only some parts of the trip. If someone is interesting please contact me. My equipment will be a standard trip with an camping trailer where I can sleep in. This contain the solar cells and the akku. The solar cells will have the 440Wp and the akku about 1000Wh. So I expect in the range of 200km per day under good conditions. The average is may be in the range of 130 to 180km/day.
I do have a garage where I can do MIG and Wig welding. Also a small lathe, drilling machine and so on. So I could make some special parts if there is any request for it.
So it would be very welcome to work with you in case of technical issue, routing and all other things. I see here no issue for me because I do not fight for winning…
Best regards Juergen

Introduction of Juergen

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Message par Thomas Pollet le 2018-01-28, 21:45

Welcome Jurgen.

Thomas (Sun Trip Team)
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Thomas Pollet

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